High winds wreaking havoc on Northeast Wisconsin

A Wind Advisory warns drivers as they approach the Leo Frigo Bridge in Green Bay, December 5, 2017. (WLUK)

BELLEVUE (WLUK) -- Ready for her next stop, Deb Beldon of Joliet, Illinois stepped inside her big rig Tuesday bracing for strong wind.

"Your speed times the speed of that wind, you're just competing with it and you're asking for trouble," Beldon said.

Beldon has been a truck driver for five years. She said it's best to slow down when the winds pick up.

"A lot of people feel pressured because they want to make those deadlines and you know if you're a little bit late, at least you get there, you know, that's the main thing right there," Beldon told FOX 11.

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Beldon said the height of the truck and the long flat top is what makes it difficult.

Scott Nelson with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation agreed, saying higher-profile vehicles are more prone to tipping.

Semi drivers were urged to avoid Green Bay's Leo Frigo Bridge Tuesday.

Nelson said, "We got our wind advisory up there right now advising motorists to slow down and travel 45 mph"

Nelson said smaller cars should also plan ahead.

"If they do pre-trip planning and they have other routes they can take instead, that would be advisable as well."

Some drivers like Beldon, don't have to go on the Leo Frigo Bridge often, but said with windy conditions, traveling anywhere can be difficult.

"If you're coming on a curb on a highway and you catch a cross wind, it surprises you, you don't even know until it hits you, you know, that's why it's important to slow down," Beldon said.

A wind advisory was in effect Tuesday until 6 p.m.

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