Here's why you shouldn't throw electronics in the trash

A laptop computer is damaged after its battery pack began to smolder at the Brown County Recycling Transfer Station. (Photo courtesy Brown Co. Port & Resource Recovery Dept.)

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- A smoldering battery pack is a reminder of why elecrtonics should not be thrown in with regular recycling or garbage, Brown County officials say.

The county's Port & Resource Recovery Department says a fire at the Recycling Transfer Station was narrowly averted when an alert employee noticed four lithium polymer batteries from a MacBook Air laptop computer smoking under a pile of recyclables on Nov. 22.

“Our loader operator, Curtis, smelled something burning on our recycling floor," Chris Blan, Brown County Resource Recovery Technician, said in a news release. "He looked up and saw white smoke coming from one area of the mountain of recyclables. He then found the smoldering battery pack, extinguished it and removed it from the area to dispose of it properly.”

County leaders say lithium batteries, e-cigarettes and electronics should be taken to the Brown County Hazardous Material Recovery Facility for proper disposal. Location and hours information can be found online.

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