Green Bay's school board forming task force to look at boundaries

Image courtesy Green Bay Area Public School District.

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- Green Bay’s board of education is forming a new task force to look at the school district's boundaries.

It's been 18 years since the Green Bay Area Public School District changed its boundaries.

“It has to be practical and it has to work for students,” said Katie Maloney, the vice president of the Board of Education.

In Spring, Green Bay voters passed a $68.5 million referendum to address immediate overcrowding needs at a handful of east side schools. However, there are still concerns, primarily at Preble High School.

Preble is 260 students above its target capacity. The city's two west side high schools are both several hundred students below their targeted capacities. Southwest is 362 students below its target capacity. West is 429 students below. East High School is 142 students below its capacity.

“We are looking at how to best utilize the facilities throughout the district, the facilities that we have right now,” said Maloney.

Last year, a facilities task force's number one recommendation was to revise attendance boundaries to rebalance enrollment. However, it also recommended building a new high school on the east side.

Maloney says the boundaries task force will discuss all possible solutions.

“Their task is not to redefine the boundaries, but it's certainly something that needs to be taken into consideration,” said Maloney.

In an effort to get the community's true voice, district employees will not be allowed to serve on the task force. Retired Seymour Schools Superintendent Pete Ross is being brought in as an outsider to lead its meetings.

“We need to do what we think the community can bear and what the community will support,” said Maloney.

The task force will meet once a month, starting in November.

The goal is for the task force to present recommendations to the school board in June.

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