Suspect in VanderHeyden murder accuses victim's boyfriend of crime

George Burch appears in Brown County Circuit Court on April 21, 2017. (Photo Credit: WLUK)

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WLUK) -- The attorneys for a man accused of killing a Ledgeview woman last spring say they have evidence her boyfriend committed the crime.

A motion filed this afternoon reveals the arguments George Burch's attorney wants to present at trial. First, a judge must decide if the arguments will be allowed.

The attorneys for George Burch believe there is motive, opportunity, and a direct connection to show Douglass Detrie murdered his girlfriend, Nicole VanderHeyden, last May.

You might remember, Detrie was originally arrested after the murder, but was released from jail two weeks later in June.

No charges were ever filed against Detrie.

Burch was arrested three months later in September.

At that time, Brown County Sheriff's investigators said Detrie was no longer a suspect.

In the newly filed motion, Burch's attorneys outline why they believe Detrie is responsible for the crime.

In the motion, Burch's attorneys point out that Detrie and VanderHeyden were out drinking the night of the murder and were seen fighting throughout the night.

The court documents state the two separated and then VanderHeyden met Burch at a bar on Broadway.

Burch's attorneys state in the motion that after a few drinks, Burch drove VanderHeyden to the Bellevue home she shared with Detrie.

In the court documents, Burch's lawyers say while Burch and VanderHeyden were in Burch's vehicle, Detrie came outside and struck Burch in the back of the head.

The motion states when Burch gathered himself, Detrie was holding a gun to his head and VanderHeyden was unconscious and beaten.

The motion then states Detrie used his gun to order Burch to drive him and VanderHeyden's body to the Bellevue field where she was eventually found dead.

Burch's attorneys state in the court documents that Burch did not discuss the matter because he knew the police arrested the correct person.

On June 16th, Judge John Zakowski is expected to determine whether the arguments in the motion can be used during the trial.

In the criminal complaint against Burch, investigators say they found Burch's DNA on VanderHeyden's body, clothes, and evidence found at the alleged murder scene outside VanderHeyden's home. The complaint also states Burch's cell phone records put him at the murder scene and the Bellevue field.

FOX 11 has reached out to the attorney that represented Detrie while he was being held for the murder. We have not heard back but will continue to reach out.

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