Storms cause $20K in damage to NEW Zoo

An uprooted tree is seen at the NEW Zoo in Suamico Aug. 17, 2015, three days after storms caused an estimated $20,000 in damage to the zoo. (WLUK/Phil DeCastro)

SUAMICO - Some of the strongest winds from any of Friday's storms impacted Brown County.

That includes the NEW Zoo just north of Green Bay, where they say they have weeks of work ahead and are still calculating damage costs.

Downed trees damaged fencing in the swan, emu, and elk exhibits, forcing emergency repairs.

But the worst damage was done to the moose exhibit toward the rear of the zoo, in the more heavily wooded areas.

Thankfully, the damage was limited to trees and fencing.

No animals escaped, and they are all doing fine.

According to Carmen Murach, Curator of Animals for the NEW Zoo, "Most of the animals in weather like that, they want to be home, they want to be safe. They want to go in away from the weather. They're not usually patrolling and looking for ways out during that."


Original Story:

Storms caused about $20,000 in damage to the NEW Zoo on Friday.

Zoo director Neil Anderson says most of the damage was to fences surrounding the exhibits. Many trees were also blown down.

No people or animals were injured in the storms. Some animals have been temporarily moved.

Anderson expects it will take a week or two to clean up the damage.

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