Packers switch to mobile tickets tested at first preseason game

    Packers fans use their smartphones to get into the Tennessee Titans preseason game on August 9, 2018. (Photo credit: WLUK)

    GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- Many fans who went to the Packers first preseason game used their smart-phone as their ticket. That's because the NFL eliminated the option of printing your ticket at home.

    The Packers report they had no issues with the mobile ticketing at the game.

    In the half hour that FOX 11 had a crew at a gate, it appeared a large majority of fans used the traditional paper tickets to enter the stadium.

    “To get it put on my phone, it might work, but my age already, I'm kind of not that good with the phone, so I'd rather have my piece of paper in my hand,” said Cyril “Sonny” Pehler of Tremplealeau.

    Those who did use their phone, however, say it was as smooth as an Aaron Rodgers spiral.

    “It was really slick,” said Jill Kleinschmit of Hartington, Nebraska. “We just had it downloaded, a couple clicks, it was super easy. We approve.”

    The Packers have had the mobile option in past seasons. However, the elimination of print-at-home tickets will likely turn hundreds of mobile ticket users into thousands.

    “We're looking forward to seeing the efficiency of it, the counterfeit situation, which we've had from time to time, nothing too much, but any time you can reduce that, that is a positive as well,” said Aaron Popkey, the team’s Director of Public Affairs.

    Second-hand ticket brokers say they also see the benefits of eliminating the print-at-home option.

    “You can print out as many as you want and some people will sell multiple copies, so I think that's ok,” said Tyler Schmidt of Schmitty’s Tickets.

    What brokers are worried about is if the NFL eventually moves to an all-mobile ticketing system.

    “It's Lambeau Field, the Frozen Tundra, when you have December games when it can be 10, 20 degrees below, sometimes your phone doesn't work and if your phone doesn't work, people aren't going to be able to get into the game and that's going to cause a really big headache for the Packers,” said Schmidt.

    So far, there are no plans to eliminate the traditional paper tickets.

    There were mobile ticketing helpers at each gate for the game.

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