Oneida Seven Generations Corp. appealing lawsuit dismissal against Green Bay

Site of the proposed Oneida Seven Generations Corporation waste-to-energy plant in Green Bay (file photo).

GREEN BAY (WLUK) – The Oneida Seven Generations Corp. is appealing the dismissal of its against the City of Green Bay to the federal appeals court in Chicago.

In 2010, the Oneida Seven Generations Corp. (OSGC) received city permission to build a power plant fueled by municipal solid waste. However, after construction started, the City Council revoked the conditional use permit. The tribal corporation was seeking to recover damages. It sought $5 million to recover expenses and $16 million in lost profits, plus other costs.

Earlier this month, a federal judge in Green Bay dismissed the suit, noting that after the OSGC won a decision in a state court it did not pursue the plant any further.

No hearings have been scheduled before the Chicago federal court.

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