Neighbors of Titletown District dealing with traffic and parking issues

Residents along Blue Ridge Drive say they are already seeing the effects of businesses opening in the Titletown District. (Photo credit: WLUK)

ASHWAUBENON (WLUK) -- Phase one of the Packers' Titletown District is nearing completion, and neighbors say they are already dealing with traffic and parking issues.

The concerns were addressed in a neighborhood meeting Wednesday night at the Ashwaubenon Community Center.

“I'm afraid for dogs, for children, and for those that are walking in the area,” said Linda Reising of Ashwaubenon. “There is no reason for the buses to go that fast.”

Reising says traffic speed has increased on Brookwood Drive since businesses in the district have opened.

Many neighbors expressed concerns that traffic and parking issues will grow along with the development.

“For what we were told last year by Mike Aubinger that the Packers are planning like 265 days at the Titletown District, our concern was where is everyone is going to park with all these,” said Paula Schneider of Ashwaubenon.

Ashwaubenon Village President Mary Kardoskee called the neighborhood meeting. She says she's already brought concerns to the Packers and will continue to do so.

“They are very receptive to it,” said Kardoskee. “They want to be friendly, neighbor friendly. They like Lambeau Field in the neighborhood.”

Some in the area say they aren't taking any chances and are looking to move.

“We've done this,” said Schneider. “It's really not a family area anymore living across from there.”

While some people are looking to move out of the neighborhood, others are paying a premium to move in. According to, a house across the street from the Titletown District, on Blue Ridge Drive, sold last month for $385,000.

After the meeting, residents FOX 11 talked to said they felt the gathering was productive.

“The concerns that were addressed here tonight were dealt with,” said Reising. “We're looking forward to the next meeting.”

Kardoskee says the next meeting will likely be held at some point during the middle of Packers season.

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