Milwaukee to Green Bay fuel line closed indefinitely

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    GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- The owner of the only fuel pipeline serving northeastern Wisconsin has shut it down indefinitely.

    The pipeline runs from the Milwaukee area to Green Bay. The aging pipeline has been shutdown since March for repairs, but West Shore Pipe Line Co. says it is looking into other options.

    Despite the shutdown, gas prices in Wisconsin are on pace to be the cheapest since the summer of 2005.

    However, with the closing of the main pipeline, prices could increase overtime.

    "There could be very little impact, but the longer the pipeline remains down the more chances there could be for shortages ," said Patrick DeHaan, Senior Petroleum Analysts with

    Right now, the only way to get fuel to Northeast Wisconsin is using additional tanker trucks. In May, Gov. Scott Walker issued an emergency declaration allowing drivers to work extra hours to make more fuel runs to Green Bay.

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    "The concern with this situation, is from here on out, if gas stations in Green Bay have enough capacity to bring that gasoline back from Milwaukee, and if they don't, we could see shortages or slight increases at the pump," said DeHaan.

    The company released the following statement:

    "At West Shore Pipe Line Company (WSPL), the safety of the communities we serve is a top priority. During the past several months, the Company has conducted a diligent integrity inspection and extensive testing of its pipeline that runs from Granville Station, north of Milwaukee, to Green Bay, Wisconsin (L254). After a thorough analysis, the Company has decided to suspend service on the line until further notice. WSPL is currently evaluating alternatives for rebuilding the line. The Company has begun working on a long term supply plan for the Green Bay market area and will be communicating with our customers and governmental agencies on potential options. When we have more information concerning next steps, we will make an announcement."

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