Local food pantry works to promote healthier eating habits

First Presbyterian Food Pantry in Green Bay is helping to provide healthy food options for those in need, like vegetables donated from groups like Seymour Community Garden, September 13th, 2016. (WLUK)

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- One local food pantry has made some changes helping to provide healthy food options as well as education on how to prepare more nutritious meals.

For decades, the First Presbyterian Food Pantry of Green Bay has been helping those in need.

"No matter what situation you're going through, they're always there," said Brandon Taylor of Green Bay.

The pantry recently has been able to add more storage space, helping to distribute more food, including healthier meal options.

Taylor has used the food pantry service for two years now.

He says he enjoys the new focus on health, "It's good they watch out for people health because we may not take into consideration that we don't watch our health ourselves."

"We firmly believe that if we are providing food for those that need it, it should be nutritional," said Mary Ginnebaugh President of the Pantry Board.

The pantry depends solely on donations.

Organizers say through groups like the Seymour Community Garden they are now able to provide more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Not only is the pantry providing healthier food options, they're also educating the public.

"Some educational information around the food that they are eating, so they can make better choices in their normal daily lives," said Ginnebaugh.

Pastor Randal Argall of the First Presbyterian Church of Green Bay says throughout the years, demand has increased, especially in the winter months.

"We have seen an increase, we've pretty much stabilized at the present time, but you know when the economy struggles, our neighbors struggle too," he said.

As for Taylor, "A lot of times your money is tight, you may have to pay some bills, you may not be able to cover the rest of the groceries."

He says the service has become a lifeline that is there in time of need.

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