Green Bay ready to deal with leaves and snow

Green Bay Public Works crews load brine into a truck on November 8, 2018. (Photo credit: WLUK)

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- For Tami Van Beek and many others in Northeast Wisconsin, the weather is setting up for raking one day and snow shoveling the next.

“My mom called me today, she lives in this duplex right here, she said that the leaves all needed to be out by the side of the road tonight, because Green Bay wants to pick up all of their leaves because of this snow coming tomorrow,” said Van Beek.

“If at all possible, our dream plan is have all the leaves picked up, be done with the leaves and then flip the switch that it can start snowing, but it never works that way,” said Chris Pirlot, Green Bay’s Director of Parking & Operations.

In Green Bay, if you want to guarantee your leaves are picked up, you should have them at the curb by Monday morning. Anything after that, there is a chance they could still be picked up, but there is also a risk they could still be at the curb in spring.

“Your chance is weather dependent and depends where there is the most leaves, how long it takes us to get through the city,” said Pirlot.

Regardless, the city is ready to switch from leaves to snow and back to leaves again, if needed.

Crews were out Thursday picking up leaves and dropping brine to prepare the roads for slick conditions.

This season's salt supply was ordered way back in March.

“It's not the change of the season or the transition that we're actually dealing with it,” said Pirlot. “We're always dealing with it a season ahead, so we're ready.”

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