Green Bay police chief talks survey results, how to improve

    Andrew Smith (Photo courtesy Los Angeles Police Dept.)

    GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- Within a recent survey, the Green Bay Police Department asked 29 questions and received 635 responses. The department's goal was to measure perceptions of safety, crime throughout the community and the confidence community members have.

    One question listed 15 areas of concern, ranging from public drinking, to vandalism, and drug use.

    Residents were asked to rank the biggest problems. The top two responses were drug use and drug dealing.

    "I think it's an issue here as it is across the country. You know the narcotics, especially the opioids we have here in Wisconsin is a huge concern here," said Andrew Smith, Green Bay police chief.

    He says his department is working to reduce drug use and drug deals in the city.

    "We've got a drug task force that works very hard to find who those people that are dealing drugs, to root them out and they're getting some really terrific arrests and sentences for those people that are bringing drugs into our community," he said.

    Another question asked residents how safe they feel in their home, neighborhood and Green Bay. Most of the respondents say they felt very safe or safe in each category.

    "This validated some of my feelings about the police officers that we have that are out there doing great work and about how safe the city of Green Bay is to raise a family and live here," Smith said.

    He says, overall, he's happy with the survey results but there's still room to improve.

    The survey shows nearly 97 percent of the respondents are white. However, the department also released the survey in Spanish.

    Smith adds, his department offers events like unity walks and more foot patrols to help officers connect with minorities in the community.

    "Were trying to get out there more into the neighborhoods so that shows us that we do have some areas that we still need to work on," Smith said

    The department may offer another survey in a couple of years to compare results and see what works and what doesn't in the community.

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