Green Bay East installs synthetic turf

Green Bay East installs synthetic turf (WLUK/Don Steffens)

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- The process of upgrading City Stadium is underway as synthetic turf is installed.

The turf is expected to be fully installed later this month in time for East High School's first home football game.

"I didn't think it was going to happen while I was here at school," said senior Michael Lampshire.

Lampshire, a wide receiver on the football team, is looking forward to his final football season on a new field.

"West De Pere was the first place I played on turf and it was amazing, I felt faster and it's just extremely exciting that East is finally getting it, the historic City Stadium," explained Lampshire.

Plans to install the turf have been in the works for two years.

"There are some years where the grass is in terrible shape, the field is in bad shape because of the amount of over use we have on it," explained Tim Flood, the director of co-curricular programs in the district. "So this will help eradicate any of that and more people can use it and we won't have to worry about, with the turf being in bad shape anymore so it's really a win that way."

City Stadium was the home of the Packers from 1925 to 1956 before the team moved to Lambeau Field.

"We have more tradition here than any other school has in the entire state," explained head football coach Brian Nast.

Nast said the school is keeping the stadium's rich Packers history by putting the City Stadium Logo in the center of the field.

"It's got helmet from back in the olden Packers days and that's what we want to keep it like. We want to keep it old school, but we want to bring the new tradition of Green Bay East with it." added Nast.

The entire project cost about $900,000. Flood explained it was paid for through a fundraising campaign and two $200,000 grants, one which was from the Green Bay Packers Foundation.

Fundraising efforts to install turf at Green Bay Preble are on-going as well as raising money to pay off the remaining cost of the turf field at Green Bay Southwest.

Flood said it will take about 14 days for the turf be installed, the school hopes it'll be done in time for the first game against Seymour.

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