'Goody Triathlon' highlights special needs athletes

Trevor Warern, who is Autistic, was one of more than a 100 special need athletes who participated in the Pulaski School District's annual 'Goody Triathlon,' May 12th, 2017. (WLUK)

PULASKI (WLUK) -- It's a day Trevor Warren and his two mentors have been preparing for.

"We did swim, biking, running, and walking," said Warren.

It's the Pulaski School District's annual 'Goody Triathlon.'

"We've been training with Trevor for like 4 to 5 months getting ready for this day," said Dustin Graf, who is a student volunteer.

It's a triathlon highlighting the abilities of those with special needs.

Each athlete is paired with a mentor, which are student volunteers from the high school.

Trevor, who is Autistic, was one of more than a 100 special need athletes who participated.

Kare Goodness is a Special Education teacher Pulaski High School.

He organized the event, "Looking for a way to inspire my kids, teach them about goal setting, help them see what their true potential is."

What started with just his class, has grown-- with eight other school districts joining in.

As the event has grown, Goodness says so has the support, with nearly 400 volunteers helping to make to make it all possible.

"We have state patrol, we have the local village, it's a community event," he said.

Each participant crossing the finish line receives a medal.

Goodness says the competition is a way to show that those with disabilities truly can do anything, "You put them in the position, you give them the right tools and they flourish."

From the athletes to the volunteers, crossing the finish line is an accomplishment that can be felt all around.

"It means a lot of to us to see the kids smile, and have a good time," explained Graf.

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