National brand 'Fruits and Veggies' campaigns in Brown County

A national campaign, Fruits and Veggies, is promoting health in Brown County. (Debora Cartagena / MGN)

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- It's no secret that most of us could probably stand to eat more fruits and vegetables, but 11-year-old Acoya Hernandez is ahead of the game, listing some of her favorite foods.

"I like broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, kale and celery," Acoya said.

Acoya understands not everybody feels the same way though, "You don't have to eat them whole, you can put them in ice cream or a smoothie, so you can eat them better."

Local programs like Live 54218 and UW-Extension partnered up with the national organization, Fruits and Veggies, or FNV.

Live executive director, Jen VanDenElzen, explains how the campaign is harnessing the power of marketing.

"It's about just making it cool or normal. We got celebrities like Jessica Alba modeling with a watermelon, you know. We're excited about the appeal that it has to different people in the community," VanDenElzen said.

The campaign is using social media as a major tool. All you need to do is snap a photo of your favorite fruit and post it up on social media with the hashtag #FNVinWI.

FNV plans to promote fruits and veggies in the same way big brands market their products.

Karen Early with Brown County UW Extension says it's a competitive goal, "That's why it's a social media campaign, to start a branding so we can compete with some of the foods that we really need to eat less of."

Early says of the $2 billion per year spent on advertising food and beverages, only 1 percent is spent on healthier food options.

"We really got to get healthier, all together, and this is one way to do it," she said.

FNV will campaign in several local retailers including Festival Foods, Pick-n-Save, Save-a-Lot, Sunoco, University Market and Woodman's. The campaign will also appear on buses, billboards, online and on social media, in the region from June to November 2017.

The campaign was created by The Partnership for a Healthier America.

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