Detrie ordered to stand trial in domestic case

Douglass Detrie (Photo source: Brown Co. Jail)

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- The former boyfriend of a murder victim is headed to trial in a domestic abuse case involving the victim's sister.

Douglass Detrie, 35, waived his right to a preliminary hearing in court Wednesday. Prosecutors allege that Detrie and Heather Meyer were together in a car in Allouez in February. Meyer told police Detrie touched her leg in a sexual manner. When she objected, Detrie sped off and would not let her out of the car. She tried to get out of the moving vehicle, but could not, until he eventually stopped several miles down the road.

Meyer's sister, Nicole VanderHeyden, was killed in 2016. Detrie was originally arrested – but never charged – for VanderHeyden’s murder. The attorneys for George Burch – the man now charged with her murder – have asked a judge to allow them to present arguments to a jury that Detrie is the "real" killer.

Meyer told police she had been living with Detrie in order to help care for her dead sister’s child so the child can remain part of her family’s life. She claimed his aggression towards her has been increasing, according to the complaint.

Detrie is due back in court Aug. 8 to enter a plea. He is charged with second-degree recklessly endangering safety, false imprisonment and disorderly conduct.

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