Despite bitter temperatures, some businesses plan to stay open

    Frank Howard, owner of Josephine's Pizza & Pastaria, talks with FOX 11 about his decision to stay open despite bitter cold temperatures. (Photo credit: WLUK)

    BROWN COUNTY (WLUK) -- When severe winter weather approaches, businesses like Josephine's Pizza & Pastaria in Howard must decide whether it’s worth it to stay open.

    “We're ready to go,” said Frank Marshall, owner of Josephine’s.

    For Winter Storm Beth, besides feeding county plow drivers, Josephine's closed its doors.

    “Then my delivery driver said you know everybody else that didn't close was really busy on Monday,” said Marshall. “I said well then we're going to stay open through the cold weather.”

    LaJava is keeping all four of its Green Bay area locations open.

    “We are warming people up from the inside, so that they can endure the outside,” said Melanie Marshall, a barista at LaJava.

    Even if it means LaJava employees having to endure a little of the outside, serving customers in the drive-thru.

    “We have dedicated employees and I think that it's important to serve our customers who are also dedicated and regulars coming in every day,” said Marshall.

    Marcus Theatres are hoping free hot chocolate will be enough to get people to risk the cold and enjoy a movie.

    “Well it's very cold outside,” said Matt Mielke, assistant manager at Marcus Green Bay East Cinema. “We want our guests to come on in, have a good time, warm up, maybe get some hot popcorn, some hot chocolate, have a nice time.”

    Thursday could be an especially popular day at the theaters with it being student discount day and most schools having already canceled.

    “If school is going to be out, we tend to be a little busier,” said Mielke.

    If you are planning to go somewhere Wednesday or Thursday, it's recommended calling ahead to make sure they are open.

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