Car vandalism in Green Bay

Spray-painted vulgarities are seen on a sidewalk in the area of John Muir Park on Green Bay's west side Aug. 21, 2017. (WLUK/Pafoua Yang)

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- Another round of vandalism is in the area. This time, several cars were damaged using spray paint in Green Bay. It follows other incidents, including stolen lawn ornaments and damage to mailboxes.

Joe Walton woke up Monday morning when he heard his girlfriend crying about the obscene words spray painted on her car.

"Nothing ever happens around here and then all of the sudden, they start on this rampage," Walton said.

Shortly after seeing that damage, Walton's girlfriend noticed their neighbor's car was also damaged. Walton said the police came to talk to neighbors.

"Officer Wright, I asked her well how many vehicles? And she says, well right now it's up to twenty," Walton said.

Captain Kevin Warych with the Green Bay Police Department said eight of the incidents were reported in the 1400 block of Wiesner Street.

"They are targeting higher-end vehicles," Wayrch said. "They would spray paint those vehicles and leave the lesser value alone."

"Hooray!" J.J. Schultz said sarcastically. "Just one more thing to deal with through the day. Just one of those things you got to handle and move on. Obviously, whoever did it, got something going on."

Schultz also woke up seeing his car sprayed with vulgar language. Schultz said he works at a school and had to back his car up to the building so kids wouldn't see the paint.

"You get a lot of looks, even though I didn't do anything to deserve this," Schultz said.

Police say several "Construction Area" signs and portions of John Muir Park were damaged as well as books inside a "book exchange" stand were burned.

But that's not the only vandalism that took place overnight in Brown County. Some homeowners in De Pere found their mailboxes smashed.

De Pere Community Resource Officer, Jedd Bradley, said incidents of vandalism are being reported county-wide, that includes more than 80 mailboxes smashed over the weekend in Suamico.

"It takes up a lot of officer time and resources and it's expensive," Bradely said. "Not only using police officers to find out who did this but also the victims have to replace their mailboxes."

As for Walton, he said he'll be on the lookout, "So, God bless them because you're going to jail if I find out who you are."

Anyone with information is asked to call the De Pere or Green Bay Police departments. If you wish to remain anonymous, call Crime Stoppers at 920-432-STOP (7867) or submit a tip online at

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