Brown County looks to combat homelessness

    Brown County looks to combat homelessness. (WLUK/Dave Duchan)

    GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- Although you may not see it, the sidewalks and empty parks around Brown County become home to many homeless people at night.

    “I think when you look at homelessness there are several different factors to it," explained Jennifer Schmohe, the Public Awareness Chair with Brown County Housing and Homeless Coalition.

    Members of the coalition started midnight Thursday and went well into the morning, trying to get a count of the homeless people living in the area.

    "What is the homeless situation in our communities, so twice a year we do this, in January and then also at the end of July," said Schmohe.

    The coalition says during its Point-In-Time Count it found many homeless people living in downtown Green Bay, it says the number of homeless people is higher than last year.

    "Last year we saw in our street count we were at a number of 33 this year we are at 39," explained Schmohe.

    Schmohe added in January 2015 the group counted 14 people living on the streets.

    She says that's why the day after the Point-In-Time Count was created, it’s to help those in need find the right resources.

    “The Housing Resource Day was created in 2014, to serve as a follow up service to the Point-In-Time Count, so today we have agencies who are in the businesses of providing housing whether it is programing or just housing in general," said Schmohe.

    "We can serve 12 families, or 50 individuals total each night," said Kendra Ohlinger, with the Freedom House.

    The Freedom House is one of those resources, it's a shelter for families.

    Ohlinger says right now there is wait list for Freedom House, which is why Housing Resource Day is helpful.

    "It's such a great event for families to come and be able to meet with somebody face to face, to get their needs met,” Ohlinger said.

    Although Schmohe says more work needs to be done to solve homelessness, Housing Resource Day is a step in the right direction.

    Housing Resource Day is the 4th Thursday of every month at Central Church.

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