Bay Area Community Council releases economic development report

Downtown Green Bay, September 26, 2016 (WLUK/John Doran).

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- When it comes to economic development in Brown County, Tom Schumacher said there is plenty of untapped potential.

“It's looking good, but we think it could look better,” he said

Schumacher is the leader of the Bay Area Community Council, and one of the authors of a report called, "Journey to a Greater Green Bay."

"This is a call for community action," Schumacher said

He said the county has made strides because of the success of the area's interdependence.

"We're talking about collaboration of the educators, the government units,” Schumacher said, “we're talking about industry, and there's a lot of good collaboration going on in Green Bay."

And he said that is evident with the development in downtown Green Bay, and its ability to attract a younger crowd.

"I think that's where one of the places I think downtown living is a little more amenable to the younger generation,” Schumacher said, “because they want everything within walking distance and flexibility and all of that."

According to the report, Brown County draws 21% of its workforce from surrounding counties while only 9% of county residents work outside of the county.

And for that trend to continue, Schmacher said colleges in the county should look at adding advanced engineering degrees.

"In order for our young, bright students to get an engineering degree, they have to go somewhere else to finish that up and when they go somewhere else, they're going to get an internship somewhere else and the likelihood is that they're going to be hired somewhere else," Schumacher explained.

Overall, he said the information in this report should be used by area community leaders as a spring board.

"We need to be known for the other things beyond the Packers and cheese heads and that's the strong economy that we have, it's the good quality of life we have with a safe community, it's affordable that really does embrace people,” he said.

To view the full report, click here.

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