Ashwaubenon couple to bike more than 2,500 miles to inspire students

Peter and Tracy Flucke hope their ride will inspire kids and adults to be active and enjoy hopping on a bike. (WLUK/Gabrielle Mays)

ASHWAUBENON - When Peter and Tracy Flucke tell people they're traveling more than 2,500 miles on their tandem bike, the reactions vary.

"'You're just nuts' or something like that, we do get that sometimes but we also get people saying, 'Wow, it's really cool,"' said Tracy Flucke.

On this trip, the Fluckes want to inspire others to hop on their bikes and ride.

"It's a great way to get the message out that there are people out riding, that there's alternative forms of transportation. Maybe it's something people can try themselves, either just to get a gallon of milk or bike across the country," said Peter Flucke.

The couple will pedal from Ashwaubenon to International Falls, Minnesota.

From there, they'll head south and eventually make their way along the Mississippi River.

The Flucke's will pass through multiple states and end the trip in Louisiana where they'll get a glimpse of the Gulf of Mexico.

"We anticipate being in New Orleans by early November, somewhere around there or mid-November," Tracy Flucke said.

This time around, the couple added something new to the trip.

"We've been working with the Ashwaubenon School District for a number of years. Our children went there, we've done safe routes to school programs with them and we were really interested in how we can engage more," Peter Flucke said.

Ashwaubenon students and teachers will be able to connect with the Fluckes on their journey through Skype and track the couple online.

"From grades 5 through 12, we've thrown it out there to encourage our teachers, with their classes, to follow Peter and Tracy's trip. There's some real nice curriculum ties with that, especially with 5th grade geography," said Brad Taylor, information coordinator with the Ashwaubenon School District.

The Fluckes say students from other districts and states are more than welcome to join them on their route.

With plenty of water, around 50 pounds of gear, and the hope that they can inspire others, the Fluckes journey is underway.

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