A sizzling summer fun at Seymour's 29th annual Burger Fest

(WLUK/Pafoua Yang)

SEYMOUR (WLUK) -- The sizzling of patties and the aroma of fired-up grills in the air drew waves of visitors to Seymour where, some say, the first ever hamburger was created.

"Charlie Nagreen, he was only 15 years old at the time (1885) when he made and created that first hamburger out of those meatballs that he would smash down and put them between two slices of bread," John Steltz explained.

In celebration of the Home of the Hamburger, Seymour beefed up its annual festivities with a parade and 8,000 burgers including a nearly 200 pound giant burger. Organizaers say the beef started cooking Saturday morning and is expected to be fully cooked at 3 p.m.

"They give that away free to people that are on Depot Street," Home of the Hamburger president, Steve Kemp said. "First come first serve bases"

Meat lovers like Jim Gavaert couldn't wait to soak his teeth into the giant burger.

Gavaert said, "oh yeah, we're going to go downtown and get a big piece of that hamburger."

Another main attraction is the ketchup slide. Organizers mixed 30 pounds of ketchup together for some slippery fun.

Kemp gave a little tip for those planning to slide.

"The people that go the furthest," Kemp said, "they arch themselves up and they ride on their rib cage, something people my age don't do, but that's where you get your distance from really."

Jessica Rice said the event was a unique way to build the community.

"It brings everybody together in the town," Rice said. "People get to talk to each other and enjoy their time together."

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