Green Bay Police release details on BB gun damage arrests

Property owners on Green Bay's east side, says the area has experienced on-going vandalism, including the recent BB guns incidents, March 5, 2018. (WLUK) 

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- Newberry Avenue in Green Bay is one of the areas police say was targeted by vandals using BB guns.

"When we mapped it all out, 60 damages were reported, they were happening city-wide," explained Green Bay Police Capt. Kevin Warych.

Derall Deuqaine, owns a duplex off Newberry, "I have heard some of it, I knew some of it was going on."

He says it's been an ongoing issue, "I had one incident myself, as far as one of my units has been damaged, whiskey bottle was thrown at it."

Warych says investigators had been following up on tips, and monitoring surveillance video since reports began in January, "What we learned is that these suspects were shooting BB guns at windows on vehicles, windows on homes."

He says four teenagers, and one adult have been arrested, "It safe to say they're associated with one another. They were working in conjunction with one another."

And as police say, they believe they have found the people responsible.

"We realize that this has a great effect on a neighborhood," continued Warych.

Dequaine says, he hopes the suspects will learn their lesson, "You have to hold them responsible or liable or it will just continue to go on."

The four teenagers are expected to appear in juvenile court.

While the adult who was arrested, has not yet appeared in Brown County Court.

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