Green Bay Alderman: Schmitt/Zima feud is a dumpster fire

Green Bay Alderman Joe Moore addresses the Jim Schmitt/Guy Zima feud during the December 19th, 2017 city council meeting. (Photo credit: WLUK)

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- At the beginning of Tuesday’s city council meeting, one of the aldermen laid into Mayor Jim Schmitt and Alderman Guy Zima for their ongoing feud.

Alderman Joe Moore called the longtime rivalry a dumpster fire.

Zima was excused from the meeting. FOX 11 is told Zima is on vacation out of the country.

Zima’s absence comes one week after FOX 11 reported that a city employee claimed Zima asked her if she made a sex tape on her wedding night.

Alderman Moore says Schmitt took things too far in an interview when he compared Zima to Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

“Mayor, you described some members of this council as evil and having mental issues, but today you called out one alderman in particular and compared him to a physically abusive serial rapist,” said Moore. “You have not let the actions of Alderman Zima speak for themselves without getting in every dig you possibly can out of every opportunity that you have.”

Schmitt had no response to Moore’s statement during the meeting. Schmitt also declined an on camera interview about Moore’s statement after the meeting. Off camera, Schmitt told FOX 11 that he could have used a better analogy when talking about Zima.

On Wednesday, Schmitt released the following statement:

Moore says he hopes Zima decides not to run for re-election next year. Zima has already filed intent to run papers.

On Broadway Executive Director Brian Johnson and Marquette Park Neighborhood Association President Jim Ridderbush have also filed to run for Zima's council seat.

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