Grand Oshkosh installs new suite seats

Nearly 100 new suite seats are being installed at the Grand Oshkosh opera house in Oshkosh, October 11, 2017. (WLUK)

OSHKOSH (WLUK) -- The Grand Oshkosh's new suite seats have completed the journey from Mexico to Oshkosh.

The theatre says it will be installing 98 new seats just in time for its performance of "Kramer on Seinfeld" Thursday night.

The seats were being made in Mexico.

The delivery was delayed when a deadly earthquake devastated Mexico City and its infrastructure last month.

Joseph Ferlo, the director of The Grand Oshkosh, says the new seats will provide a more pleasurable experience.

"What we did was take every other row of the center of the balcony, remove it, level off the balcony so that you end up with half the rows, with double the leg room," Ferlo said. "Also there's some cafe tables in that area and now new premium comfortable seating."

For the theatre's season opening performance last week of "Olate Dogs," the theatre had temporary seating installed.

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