Girl Scout troop uses cookie funds to build dock for local school science programs

Girl Scout troop uses cookie funds to build dock for local school science programs. (WLUK/Jessie Basinski)

SUAMICO (WLUK) -- A local Girl Scout troop got a lesson in construction while helping to improve one elementary school's science program.

On Saturdays this fall, five Girl Scout cadets from Howard spent their mornings building a new deck for Forest Glen Elementary School.

In the rain and even on this cold Saturday morning, they worked to finish.

“The classrooms here at Forest Glen like to come out for their science classes to scoop bugs out of the water, see the tadpoles and talk about the environment,” said Mandy Quade, the leader of troop 4190

When the now middle schoolers attended the Forest Glen elementary themselves, the dock was already in bad shape.

“It was sinking into the water there were poles missing because kids would either bend them or they were rusted enough you had to take them off. A few of the boards were really moldy and weak so they were bending into the water,” Riley Quade said.

When brainstorming how to spend the money raised from their fundraising -- they kept coming back to the dock.

The girls wanted to make something that the students could use for years to come. They kept that in mind when choosing the materials. The deck boards are made from a strong composite wood.

So, that won’t rot and its made for like... Wisconsin,” said Hailey Charles.

Now that the area is safe to bring student out to, the school plans to use the whole area in their curriculum.

“There are two teachers who actually want to revitalize this nature area to make it more usable for their classroom activities,” said Mandy Quade.

“It really feels good and it makes our whole troop feel good because we know that we're going to make a difference in the community,” said Elizabeth Stoeberl.

The troop members said working on the dock was fun, and they learned a lot about construction.

The school recently passed a referendum to improve the space as well, so they pitched in to upgrade the materials.

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