'Get out the vote': final push by Brown County Republicans and Democrats

'Get out the vote,' final push by Brown County Republicans and Democrats. (WLUK/ Jessie Basinski)

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- Rain or shine, the midterm election is two days away.

Republicans and Democrats, in Brown County, spent the weekend trying to sway voters.

“A huge 'get out the vote' effort,” Kelly Ruh, the Republican Party of Brown County co-chairperson, called it.

With just a couple more chances they couldn't let a little rain -- or Daylight Saving Time -- stand in their way.

“Now it's going to get darker an hour earlier, we even have flashlights to help people if they're still out canvassing and knocking on doors once it gets dark” said Mary Ginnebaugh, chairperson for the Democratic Party of Brown County.

Volunteers on both sides spread their message in multiple ways.

“We are calling to make sure people have voted and that they have a plan to vote,” said Ginnebaugh.

And by heading door to door.

“Our goal is to knock 15,000 doors in Brown County in these four days,” said Ginnebaugh. “It’s a big number.”

Republicans were also going door to door and stuffing mailboxes.

“The key for us is personal voter contact so we have a lot of people knocking on doors,” said Ruh.

The light at the end of the campaign trail is finally in sight. Now, it's just last-minute questions.

“Really in Brown County the 'get out and vote' effort started at the last election,” said Ruh. “Where do they vote? Pass out info on candidates, point them to, if they need a ride to the poll, so we’re here to assist the voter.”

With record absentee voter turnout in Green Bay and in cities across the country, there are still more people to get to the polls.

“Making sure they understand what is at stake,” said Ginnebaugh.

Just two more days to see if their efforts will prove successful.

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