GBPD releases investigation into harassment and bullying by officers

Green Bay Police Department building, February 20, 2018 (WLUK/Eric Peterson)

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WLUK) – An investigation into harassment and bullying by Green Bay Police officers on the night shift determined nine officers were involved in the activity and were disciplined, according to results of an internal investigation obtained by FOX 11.

The 249-page document was released Tuesday after an Open Records Request. It details a pattern of harassment, often by use of the mobile data terminals (MDT) in squad cars. Some of the content was sexual in nature, some was bullying, one officer was targeted about a medical condition, while other comments were racial.

As of a result of the investigation:

  • Two officers resigned: Officer Casey Masiak and Lt. Rob Korth
  • Officer Mike Rahn resigned, but due to a separate incident
  • Six officers were suspended without pay: Officer Kevin Bahl (1 day), Officer Kurt Brester (15 days), Officer Tim Eickholt (7 days), Officer Matt Knutson (30 days), Officer Scott Salzman (1 day), and Officer Paul Spoerl (2 days).

Click here to read the full investigation (WARNING: Contains language that some readers may find offensive)

"These Officers should have known that the MDT messages that they sent, the statements made, and the actions they took do not reflect the conduct of what a Green Bay Police Officer should be displaying,” the report states. “The actions of these officers is considered to be unbecoming for a Police Officer of the Green Bay Police Department. These actions are contrary to the good order, efficiency and morale and will, and reflect unfavorably upon this Department and its members.”

Craig Pakkala, president of the Green Bay Professional Police Association - which represents officers - told Fox 11 the organization did not have a comment on the report's release.

The investigation began in December 2016, during a separate investigation into allegations an officer was possibly abusing sick time.

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