FVL's first 'home' football game not played on team's own turf

    Fox Valley Lutheran High School plays first “home” game of the season against Clintonville High School at Kaukauna High School on August 16, 2018. (WLUK/Mike Moon)

    KAUKAUNA, Wis. (WLUK) -- Fox Valley Lutheran High School’s first game of the season Thursday was played in Kaukauna.

    The reason? Because of the significant damage done to FVL's fields in March.

    Although it wasn’t the school's home field, fans showed up to support their team.

    “When he realized that the field wasn’t going to be done, he said, ‘well, that’s the way it goes, you know, and we can win anywhere,” said FVL parent John Seelman.

    Winning is just what Seelman’s son and his teammates planned to do Thursday in Kaukauna.

    It was hard for the entire team to learn that they wouldn’t get to play on their own turf this year.

    With the help of several fans, the FVL Foxes still kept a winning attitude.

    “I think most of our kids are past what happened, and they’re just looking to move on with their season, and enjoy the football season ahead,” said FVL activities director Shawn Hill.

    It’s going to cost over $260,000 to repair the school’s four fields that someone ripped apart after driving across them in a Jeep.

    The school is making progress on fixing the pair of soccer and football fields, but it wasn’t enough to host its first game of the season. It also won’t be enough to have homecoming at their school. Kaukauna will be hosting that this year too.

    “The homecoming is -- that’s going to be kind of a challenge, because that’s something that surrounds your school, and your school spirit, and it is really going to be different,” Seelman said.

    This will be Seelman’s son’s last year playing with all his FVL teammates. For seniors like him, it’s going to be a little bit tougher this year. Still, parents and students see a silver lining.

    “It’s what we’re doing together, as a team and as a school,” Seelman said. “It doesn’t make a difference what the field looks like and what colors are on the field, it’s who we are.”

    The school expects all four fields to be ready by next spring.

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