Future of remaining golf course land still up for debate

Golfer on Lakeshore Golf Course in Oshkosh on September 6, 2017                  (WLUK/FOX 11 News)

OSHKOSH (WLUK) -- Oshkosh Corporation will use around 35-acres of the current Lakeshore Municipal Golf Course in Oshkosh. City leaders are looking to make sure the remaining land is still accessible to the public.

The future of the remainder of the city-owned Lakeshore Golf Course is still up for debate.

Monday evening there were two choices before Oshkosh's Advisory Parks Board.

"Either us look at having a nine-hole golf course out at the remainder of the acreage at Lakeshore Municipal Golf Course, or to have it a community park with the reaming, roughly 70 acres," explained city parks director Ray Maurer,.

Six people spoke to the board Monday. Five were in favor of a new, nine-hole golf course.

"I've got five young kids at home that I plan to get into golf one day. This would be where I would plan to start them in the game of golf. Taking away a golf course, that is a bell that cannot easily be un-rung," said Dan Buttke.

One community member asked the board to vote for a more traditional park.

"What I favor is taking the remainder of the property and turning that into green space and passive park. What we need to look at is what best meets the needs of this community. I know that we're deficient in park land," said David Borsuk.

The board also shared the results of a community survey. Of the 1,072 responses, 72% voted for a park, 28% voted for a nine-hole golf course.

The board voted five to two in favor of a traditional park.

Now the final decision is still in the full city council's hands.

"If it's a community park we'll have the park master planning sessions for, probably, the next six to nine months, take input from the community on what they'd like to see at the 70 acres," Maurer told us.

The city council is expected to discuss the plans at its meeting later this month.

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