Future of Kimberly-Clark still undecided following lame-duck session in Madison

A view of Kimberly-Clark's Cold Spring Facility in Fox Crossing, Sept. 12, 2018. (WLUK/Pafoua Yang)

FOX CROSSING (WLUK) -- The future of Kimberly-Clark's "cold springs" plant remains in limbo, after a tax incentive deal for the company didn't make it on the agenda for this week's special session.

Fox Crossing Village President Dale Youngquist says he's disappointed Wisconsin lawmakers haven't moved forward with a $115 million dollar tax incentive bill to keep Kimberly Clark's Fox Valley Plant open.

"Kimberly Clark is not only a major employer, there would be 500 or 600 people out of work. It would overall affect the Fox Valley area," said Youngquist.

The company previously gave the state Senate until September 30 to pass the bill, but it didn't have enough votes.

"I would say they need to concentrate on the things that people want and stop playing games," said Youngquist.

But lawmakers from both sides of the aisle said they're trying to help the company find a long-term solution.

"Democrats have their own version out there, its called the Paper Makers Fund. What it really does is not only look at helping KC, but other paper companies. It offers programs through government to help make upgrades,add energy efficiency, and transfer to other paper that is more in demand," explained State Representative Amanda Stuck.

Republican Senator Robert Cowles, who voted against his party's original bill, said the company should accept state benefits already available through WEDA.

"Other companies have been very happy with those, especially companies in our area like Green Bay Packaging. They're going to use those tools and make a half a billion dollar investment and increase jobs," said Rep. Cowles.

Senator Roth is expected to have an update on the plant as early as Friday.

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