Free laundry for those still recouping from flood damage

    Laundry Love is helping residents ease what can feel like a heavy load. (WLUK/Mike Gard)

    GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- Residents on Green Bay's east side still have a laundry list of things to do after this week's unexpected flood.

    Laundry Love is helping residents ease what can feel like a heavy load.

    What does it cost to salvage something irreplaceable? As it turns out, a few quarters.

    "Someone actually had come in today with some precious blankets and things that were from their great grandmother and heirlooms from the family," said Natashia Atkinson Laundry Love's lead director. "So they got to take care of that and wash those today. She said they’re passing those on to their grandchildren and I’m just so happy to be able to do that for her today."

    Laundry love is an organization that helps those in need with Laundry, but Saturday, they stepped up to help those affected by Green Bay’s flash flooding.

    "Some have mounds and mounds of wet clothes sitting waiting for laundry," said Atkinson.

    Bedding, clothing and other linens were among the washable damage for Maria Corona.

    "Some of the things we just couldn’t save, TVs, all our furniture, beds, I mean, everything downstairs was covered in water- washer, dryer, everything," said Corona.

    Corona said she's grateful for Laundry Love.

    "It means a lot because, like I said, right now we don’t have a washer, dryer at home and with all the demolishing that’s going on that we can’t even really be there right now," said Corona.

    It doesn’t seem like much. laundry soap, quarters and even some pizza, but it's a little help that goes a long way.

    Laundry Love was created in February, so this is the organization's first time helping with disaster relief.

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