Oshkosh police: Woman hospitalized after early morning assault

Police say a woman was inside her Oshkosh apartment September 14, 2016. (WLUK)

OSHKOSH (WLUK) -- A 23-year-old Oshkosh man is in jail and could face attempted murder and sexual assault charges.

Police say they're basing their recommendation on what they say he did to an Oshkosh woman.

Outside her apartment and along the curb was shattered glass and an upside down picture. It was one of the ways police say she tried to get help.

"She was not able to get to a phone so she was throwing things out the window," said Lt. Kevin Konrad.

Police say after someone heard the glass break and the woman yell for help, they called 911.

Lt. Konrad, with the Oshkosh Police Department, says the woman was able to lock herself in a different room.

"When the officer got here, they heard the screaming coming from the upstairs window," he said.

Before the woman's cry for help, police say she met the 23-year-old man earlier and invited him back to her apartment on the 1600 block of Oregon St.

"They had come home together and obviously, it took a turn for the worst," Konrad said.

He adds, while the man was inside the woman's apartment, he became aggressive and physically assaulted the woman around 3:30 Wednesday morning.

"When we got inside, we could tell she'd been attacked. There was some blood in the area and she, obviously, had some injuries," he said.

The woman was taken to the hospital for her injures. Konrad says the woman also planned to use this fire escape ladder dangling outside the second story window.

"Her thought was, if no one was going to call the police, that was going to be her escape route. She was going to come out of the window," Konrad said.

Police say the man left the apartment before officers arrived. Officials arrested the 23-year-old man on the city's south side a few hours later.

He did not appear in court Wednesday but could face charges Thursday.

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