The show goes on at Mile of Music despite rain

Rainy Mile of Music

The rain certainly put a damper on some of the Mile of Music festivities in Appleton Friday, but as FOX 11 found out, the show must and did go on.

Thanks to Mother Nature's downpour Friday Mile of Music organizers were scrambling.

"The first year we've had, really, any significant rain. We knew we were gonna have it at some point. We planned for it," explained Mile of Music co-founder Dave Willems.

About a dozen outdoor shows had to be moved indoors.

"We're using up almost every available space in downtown Appleton for shows," Willems told us.

That meant switching bands from one venue to another, on very short notice.

"We had some outdoor acts in our courtyard that got moved into the clubhouse here behind us and then some acts from Houdini Plaza got relocated down here and there still might be an act or two that gets relocated," explained Radisson Paper Valley Hotel manager Jay Schumerth.

The concerts were still able to go on in Jones Park Friday night because the stage is covered, but the crowd was sparse at the park as the rain poured down.

And people tried to squeeze into already filled indoor spaces, which led to some frustrations.

"It's taken those, what would've been crowds and compacted them into the indoor venues. So it's made it tougher to get into the venues," said Willems.

"It's been packed. Everywhere's been packed. We opened the doors at eleven and it's been packed since," added Schumerth.

Organizers told us this will definitely be a learning experience to use in the years to come.

"We're taking copious notes to see if we can learn from that in the future to we can know if it is gonna rain, can we do something differently?" Williams explained.

Event coordinators told FOX 11 they'll try to give venues that lost out because of the rain extra shows tomorrow and Sunday.

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