Rural Life Days offers blessing for farmers

Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus Robert Morneau of the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay sprinkles holy water on a tractor during a Rural Life Days blessing in Bear Creek, March 28, 2017. (WLUK/Brittany Ford)

BEAR CREEK (WLUK) -- Farmers praying for a successful growing season got a little help Tuesday.

The Catholic Diocese of Green Bay held its annual Rural Life Days at St. Mary Parish in Bear Creek.

Dozens gathered as Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus Robert Morneau blessed the farming season ahead.

"Bless our journey, and have a fruitful harvest, bless our families with good safety, and health," Morneau said.

Farmers with their animals and a parade of machinery, one by one, were sprinkled with holy water.

Mary Behnke of Bear Creek says it's a blessing that reaches beyond the community.

"We are all rural people, we all grew up on a farm, know someone on a farm, worked on a farm, own a farm, or we all eat, that makes us all a part of it," she said.

Behnke says last year's farming season brought a bit too much rain.

She says this year her prayer is for more favorable conditions.

"A little less rain this year, it was a little bit difficult to get our crops in the ground, and then harvest."

Lincoln Wood is the deacon at St. Mary Parish.

He says the annual event is also a way to bring the community together.

"We're often not together, so when we come together, we have just a really good time, and all the guys love driving those things," he said.

All in an effort to recognize, those who care for the land.

"Farmers are really dependent on the soil, the wind, the rain, they really recognize the importance of God," Morneau said.

A second Rural Life Days ceremony is scheduled for Thursday at Holy Family Parish in Brillion.

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