Moms at city hall have private place to pump breast milk

Jessica and Theo Moyle on March 28, 2016. (WLUK/Mike Moon)

Working moms now have a safe, private space to pump breast milk at Appleton's city hall.

When Jessica Moyle returned to work after having her son Theo, she didn't stop breastfeeding, which meant she had to find the time and a place to pump.

"I used a closet, like a storage closet," Moyle told FOX 11.

Moyle is a public health nurse for the city of Appleton. She said she got tired of using a closet and wanted something better.

"I think a lot of times moms return to work and they just can't maintain a supply because they're not given the break time, they're not given a place to pump," Moyle explained.

Moyle did not want to see that happen to herself, or her co-workers. That's how the city's Mother's Room came to be.

"I didn't do it just for myself. I did it for the other moms," said Moyle.

Human Resources Deputy Director Debra Van Den Bogart jumped on the idea of creating a private space.

She told FOX 11 she got to work right away on a policy for the Mother's Room.

"That would indicate that we do have a room here, that we provide the refrigerator, we put it on our calendaring system so employees are able to actually schedule it," explained Van Den Bogart.

The room is near a sink. It has lamps, a refrigerator, chairs and most importantly a lock.

To create the policy, Van Den Bogart did her research.

"I did run across several communities that are doing it and Outagamie County was actually one as well," she told us.

Moyle told FOX 11 she hopes local businesses are paying attention.

"I hope this starts a conversation, or starts people starting to think about, 'you know, maybe we should look into that,'" she explained.

Moyle said as a nurse and lactation specialist she knows how important this is.

"For the baby's health. For mom's health too there's benefits," she told us.

More importantly, she said , as a mother, this step forward means a lot.

"It just really shows support to that mom and baby," said Moyle.

It is a federal law that, at a minimum, employers must provide nursing mothers with a space that has somewhere to sit and a flat surface to pump. Under the law, that space cannot be a bathroom.

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