Food pantry volunteer celebrates 100th birthday

St. Joseph Food Program in Menasha celebrates the 100th birthday of one of its volunteers, November 24, 2015. (WLUK/Alexa Santos)

Harold Deprez's smile is hard to miss, and for 27 years he's been gracing volunteers and clients with it at the St. Joseph Food Program.

Monica Clare, Executive Director at St. Joe's said, "He greets everybody who's leaving just hello, how are you doing, and a big smile, which means a lot to our clients when they're going out the door to be greeted like that."

Most Tuesdays at St. Joe's, Harold is put to work manning the scale and taking care of the carts. But today, he got a birthday party.

Deprez turned 100 years old.

Harold Deprez said, "This is awesome, believe me, I never thought I would experience this kind of reception. Everybody's been wonderful and it's great."

Clare said, "Because it's such a big milestone not only to be 100 years old, but to be volunteering when you're 100, and to be volunteering for 27 years. Put all those things together, it's pretty amazing."

Harold's hard work has made a lasting impact on his children.

Jeff Deprez, Harold's son, said, "He's always been someone who likes to give back, and always has a very positive attitude towards everything in life. The fact that he's always willing to help people has been inspirational to me."

And he doesn't plan to stop working anytime soon.

Harold Deprez said, "It's the people I enjoy, they're friendly and they kid, so its not all hard work. It's enjoyable. If I feel up to it, I will probably will for a while."

Clare said, "We'll keep him as long as he'll stay. He's absolutely welcome to stay as long as he'd like."

Jeff Deprez said, "He's an inspiration to everyone."

Continuing to make Tuesdays brighter for everyone at St. Joe's.

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