Bond set at $500,000 for Neenah standoff suspect

Brian Flatoff (Winnebago Co. Jail)

Brian Flatoff made his initial court appearance Wednesday where the court commissioner set his bail at $500,000 cash.

Flatoff is the man accused in the deadly standoff at Eagle Nation Cycles in Neenah Saturday that led to the death of Michael Funk Saturday, but the charges, filed Wednesday, are for an incident that happened before the standoff.

Proscutors said early Saturday Flatoff threatened a friend with a handgun and that's what Wednesday's charges are about.

Brian Flatoff appeared in court on a video monitor Wednesday. The court commissioner read off the five charges including reckless endangerment, possession of a firearm by a felon and bail jumping,

"They're serious charges. These are the charges that consider the events that happened at the Lake Street residence prior to Mr. Flatoff's arrival at Eagle Nation," explained assistant district attorney for Winnebago County Scott Ceman.

Ceman said Flatoff was at a friend's house in Neenah Saturday before going to the motorcycle shop. According to the criminal complaint Flatoff and his friend were up Friday night into Saturday morning drinking. The friend told police Flatoff was so drunk, at one point he fell down, hitting his head. She said Flatoff threatened her with a handgun and shot a hole in her wall.

After that, the friend said Flatoff left her house to go to Eagle Nation Cycles to get his motorcycle back.

"We're not even close to completing this investigation. Witnesses are being interviewed as we speak," said Ceman.

Ceman told FOX 11 he will add more charges against Flatoff next week. Ceman has a long list of likely charges relating to Saturday's hostage situation at Eagle Nation.

"Attempted first degree intentional homicide, taking of hostages, false imprisonment, additional felony possession of firearm charges and felony murder for his involvement in the death of Michael Funk," he explained.

Ceman said the Department of Justice's investigation is still ongoing about Funk's death. The police shot at Funk, but said he was armed and did not listen to officers' orders to drop his weapon.

However, Ceman told us either way, under the law Flatoff can be charged with crimes that led to Funk being shot.

"Then the person who was committing the initial felonies can be charged with felony murder," Ceman said.

Ceman told FOX 11 he expects to have all the charges filed by Wednesday next week.

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