Appleton ranks intersections with most crashes, looks at how to improve them

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New data from the City of Appleton takes a look at which intersections in the city should be considered more dangerous than others.

Transportation officials say the data helps them plan changes and improvements.

There are already big changes in store for one intersection in particular.

Mike Hardy, Appleton's Assistant City Traffic Engineer, said, "It's something we've been using for many years to help prioritize where to focus projects, try to make improvements."

The city's report uses data from 2014.

Click here to read the report.

It shows which intersections have the most crashes and the highest ratio of crashes per cars that travel through them.

Hardy said, "We use this as our initial checkpoint, if it flags up here that means we want to start to take a look at it."

Northland and Richmond was deemed the Appleton intersection with the most crashes in 2014. But the city, county, and state already have a plan in place to address that.

Tim Rank, WisDOT Project Manager, said, "We've got our multi-lane roundabout project planned, construction is planned to start in 2017."

These plans have been in the works since 2009, and now they're close to coming to fruition.

Rank said, "There was a need for some improvements, something like a roundabout that would improve the safety and also handle capacity in the future."

Scott Randall lives nearby and says he drives through the intersection every day.

"Numerous accidents, I've lived here 12 years and lots of them," Randall said. "I find alternative routes now."

To be exact, 27 crashes happened at that intersection in 2014 alone. The DOT says the new multi-lane roundabout would hopefully reduce that number in the future.

Rank said, "It's slowing some of the speeds as you enter the intersection. Another big reason is it's reducing conflict points."

Randall says he's pretty excited for the big change.

"I cant wait. Easier than going out of your way," he said.

And city officials say there's also initial plans in the works for some of the other dangerous intersections.

The Northland and Richmond roundabout project is expected to cost three to four million dollars.

It'll be paid for through a federal safety grant.

The DOT is hoping it will be completed by September of next year.

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