Appleton East students practice policing skills on the road with Appleton Police

An Appleton East High School student uses a police radar gun with the help of an Appleton Police Officer on March 15th, 2017. (WLUK/Jerry Van Handel)

APPLETON (WLUK) -- High School students learned today what it's like on the other side of distracted driving -- the enforcement side.

The students gained not only a different perspective, but also perhaps insight into a potential career.

High school students behind a police radar gun.

"People really like to speed," Appleton East High School senior Alex Baemmert said.

Appleton police officers showed them the ropes.

Sgt. Dave Lund, with the Appleton Police Dept., said, "To watch some traffic around the Appleton East school area, and start to see what we do on a daily basis as patrol officers."

It's all part of a program through Leadership Fox Cities, called Project RADAR.

Jessica Marhefke, with Leadership Fox Cities, said, "They're either new drivers or going to be new drivers. With that, comes a responsibility of what distracted driving could do, as well as an awareness of how it could play into the career that they're interested in."

Wednesday's exercise was for students interested in criminal justice.

They were able to use a radar guns, and observe driver's speeds, and whether or not they were driving distracted.

Rylee Polman, a senior at Appleton East, said, "What we see versus what they see is a completely different story."

Baemmert said, "It was nice to see how things in the field actually get done, because people are usually on the receiving end of that."

Showing these students how important it is to drive safely, and what it takes to be an officer.

Lund said, "It's not just pointing the radar gun and pulling someone over for a ticket. We have to estimate speeds, we have to make sure the equipment is properly cared for."

And the students say, they appreciated the opportunity to learn.

Polman said, "I'm definitely considering this as my #1 major right now, and this is definitely going to be a huge help in making that decision factor for myself."

Little Chute High School also plans to participate in the Leadership Fox Cities Project RADAR.

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