Appleton budgets $10.5 million for Erb Pool

Erb Pool.jpg

Appleton will spend up to $10.5 million to build a new Erb Park Pool.

The common council decided that Wednesday night when it approved the annual city budget.

But that's more than what some council members wanted to pay.

As part of the annual budget decision, Appleton's Common Council went through several amendments Wednesday night.

One of those amendments was to put in $10.5 million toward rebuilding parts of Erb Park and specifically, Erb Park Pool.

"I think as long as we're spending the money and we were already looking at over $9 million to build a 25 meter pool, spending that little bit extra to to serve the needs that are being filled there now made sense," Alderman Kyle Lobner told FOX 11.

Last week the finance committee suggested putting a little more than $9 million aside to build a 25 meter pool.

However, some city residents stepped forward asking for more. Erb Park currently has a 50 meter pool and residents said it can accommodate more swimmers and amenities like swim lessons.

The council supported raising the price 11 to 4.

Some, however, thought it made more sense to keep a more conservative price tag.

"I think adding another $1.4 million to the project was pushing it beyond what we should for the project. So I'm in support with us moving ahead with Erb Park, but with the dollar amount that was suggested tonight I just couldn't support it," Alderman Curt Konetzke told us.

An outcry over the pool came up last month when Mayor Tim Hanna suggested putting a splash pad in Erb Park to replace the aging pool.

Residents were not happy and ultimately the council decided a new pool would be better for the community.

The city still has decided on the ultimate design of the new pool.

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