Former Kaukauna dog track site could see major development

Commerce Cross site Thursday, July 19, 2018. (WLUK/Pafoua Yang)

KAUKAUNA (WLUK) -- Kaukauna could see a major development on the former dog track site. The site is called Commerce Crossing.

Most of the land has been vacant for more than two decades. It's located along I-41 and Highway 55.

With nearly 50,000 vehicles passing the site every day, Kelli Clussman, executive director of the Heart of the Valley Chamber of Commerce, said it has good potential.

"It is obviously a very visible site.," Clussman said. "There’s some great land out there. It'll be great for all businesses that are interested in some future development in Kaukauna."

Although there's already some activity on the 65-acre lot, city officials said, there could be a major development.

"We do have an offer on the table for a large section of Commerce Crossing," said the city's principal planner, Allyson Watson. "It would be of medical use, but unfortunately, this time, we cannot speak to who that party is until we have a more firm offer on the table."

The medical group would be purchasing multiple parcels on the site, up to 15 acres.

"I think you're really going to see a mixed use out there with a lot of business, people looking to connect with businesses that are traveling that 41 corridor," said Clussman.

"It'll be great for our community," mayor Tony Penterman told FOX 11. "It'll be great for our TIF district; we need a large parcel of land to be purchased out there to help our TIF district."

Penterman said the name of the medical group is likely to be announced at the time of the real estate closing in October.

He told FOX 11, other businesses have shown interest in the past, but canceled.

"Years ago we had the Oneida tribe, I believe, was looking at a casino there, and then there was a water park," Penterman explained.

He said Walmart also scrapped plans with the city a year ago. But despite that loss, the city is staying optimistic in its future developments.

The city says there's still 30 acres of land at Commerce Crossing available.

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