5 people charged in Green Bay drug bust

Top row, L-R, Jose Castellano, Cory Kinjerski. Bottom row, L-R, Christopher Kinjerski, Paige Moureau, Jorge Negrete. (Brown Co. Jail)jpg

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- Green Bay police say a drug bust in April has led to the arrest of another five people and the seizure of cocaine, marijuana and firearms.

On Tuesday, police investigated a drug complaint at 1202 Stuart Street.

When officers saw a vehicle leave the home and violate a traffic law, they pulled the vehicle over.

Investigators searched the vehicle and found marijuana inside and learned it was just purchased from the Stuart Street home, police say.

While a warrant was being prepared, officers saw another vehicle leaving the home and later pulled that vehicle over for not stopping at a stop sign.

Police say marijuana was also found in that vehicle.

The driver of that car and Stuart Street resident, 22-year-old Jose Castellano, faces multiple charges including maintaining a drug trafficking place and possession of marijuana and cocaine.

Investigators say Castellano is a family member of the suspects charged in a drug bust at 411 S. Maple Street earlier this year. Twenty pounds of marijuana was seized during that bust.

With a warrant, officers searched the Stuart Street home and seized 346 grams of marijuana, .47 grams of cocaine, $12,600 cash, two loaded handguns, rifle ammunition and a 2010 Dodge Challenger.

Four others were arrested and charged in connection with Tuesday's bust:

  • Paige Moureau, 21 of Green Bay, is charged with maintaining a drug trafficking place, possession of marijuana, cocaine and drug paraphernalia.
  • Jorge Negrete, 41 of Kewaunee, is charged with marijuana possession and intent to deliver.
  • Christoper Krohn, 33 of Kewaunee, is charged with possession of marijuana.
  • Cory Kinjerski, 41 of Kewaunee, is charged with possession of marijuana.
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