Family of man shot by Green Bay police officer plans to file lawsuit

    Jonathan C. Tubby (Photo courtesy the Tubby family)

    ONEIDA (WLUK) -- Family members of a man shot and killed by a Green Bay police officer plans to file a lawsuit against Green Bay and all police officers involved in the incident.

    Jonathon Tubby, 26, was arrested for an outstanding warrant on Oct. 19.

    An officer shot and killed Tubby inside the Brown County Jail's sally port after they say a confrontation happened.

    The Wisconsin Department of Justice has turned over its findings.

    The Brown County District Attorney's office confirms it has received reports and evidence in the shooting of Tubby.

    Tubby's family members talked to the media Saturday.

    During their statements, Tubby's family members stressed the importance of supporting unity and peace.

    Tubby's aunt says she hopes the lines of communication stay open going forward in the process.

    An event for Jonathan C. Tubby was held Saturday, Dec. 8, 2018. (WLUK/Jessie Basinski)

    "We hope that the communication between the city, and the district attorney, and our family will continue to remain open and that we have some opportunities to discuss avenues that we may feel are appropriate," said Sue Doxtator, Jonathan Tubby's aunt.

    Once the district attorney's review has been finalized, a time will be set to release the findings of the report.

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