Emergency crews respond to more than a dozen vehicle run-offs

Officers in Brown County deal with more than two dozens crashes in a 24-hour period, February 4, 2018. (WLUK)

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- Cleanup continues following Saturday night's snow storm.

Driving along Interstate 43, Mark Motiff says he saw that firsthand, "I-43 now looks like it's a bit better, but we saw a lot of vehicles in the ditch."

Motiff says crashes could be seen up and down the highway, "A lot of tow trucks, and police officers."

That included State Patrol.

Sgt. Andrew Hyer says the blowing and drifting snow has kept several roadways slick, "We're still responding to a number of run-off's and crashes, Brown County continues to be a problem area with some of the highways."

Hyer says the number of crashes has continued to grow since Saturday, "About 25 crashes since it started about 9 a.m. yesterday, that we've responded to."

As emergency crews continue to respond to crashes, plowing crews have been working around the clock.

"Literally as soon as this snow storm started, we had crews out persistently," explained Paul Fontecchio, Brown County Public Works Director.

Fontecchio says the changing conditions have made it tough on crews, "If it's still coming down or there's blowing spots, there's going to be some slick spots that the plows haven't been back to in 45 minutes or an hour."

He says their efforts will easily continue into Monday, "With the winds and temps, it will definitely be into tomorrow for our crews, for cleanup."

Making his way back to Port Washington from Green Bay, Motiff offers this advice, "Slow down, keep your distance. It's the stopping part that's hard."

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