Dozens of dogs arrive in Fox Valley from Houston

Dog from Houston arrives at Appleton International Airport on September 18, 2017 (WLUK/Mike Moon)

GREENVILLE (WLUK) -- Whether it's helping restore power in Florida, or taking in animals that need a new home, Wisconsin is stepping up in the wake of Hurricanes Irma and Harvey.

FOX 11 News has the story of 56 dogs who came to the area Monday after losing their Texas homes in Hurricane Harvey.

As the plane rounded the tarmac in Greenville Monday, more than a dozen people were ready to whisk the dogs off the aircraft and into waiting shelter vans.

"These are dogs that were signed over by their owners, animals that could no longer be kept because of all the displacement there," explained Deb Lewis, the executive director of the Fox Valley Humane Association.

The dogs have been through a traumatic experience, but their journey isn't over just yet.

"They'll be going through the whole process of medical treatments, spayings and neuters, assessments, and we're hoping to be able to start putting them in homes by the of next week," Lewis told FOX 11 News.

Most of the pups will stay at the Fox Valley Humane Association. Lewis told us community partnerships let the shelter take on the extra pets. A partner kennel will help with any overflow.

"You can never go wrong with kindness," said Lewis.

The Oshkosh Area Humane Association is taking six dogs.

The Appleton International Airport helped bring them all here.

"It's important to do it, to help our neighbors in Texas too, I mean, I think it's really important to help out other agencies, communities suffering a tragedy like this," explained Cari Tetzlaff, the admissions manager at the Oshkosh Area Humane Society.

"It's a heart breaking story to think about the poor dogs and so to be a part of their rescue and their forever homes is kind of a neat thing to be a part of." added Patrick Casey the marketing manager at the Appleton International Airport.

And the pilots that brought the dogs all the way here from Houston volunteered their time to do it. They part of an organization called "Wings of Rescue."

"Our company volunteers their time, a long with other aircraft companies do the same. It's to volunteer to help out what needs to be helped out," explained Jerry Murphy a pilot for Sierra West Airlines.

Lewis told us the shelter might take on another shipment of stranded dogs, if need be.

The amount of devastation is incredible. So if we can do our part here in Greenville, Wisconsin, we're gonna do whatever we can. We're gonna do it again and again until it's taken care of," said Lewis.

The Greenville Fire Department also helped out. Firefighters brought equipment, and a hose, to help clean-out the dog crates which are going back to Houston.

For information on how you can donate to help the dogs, foster a dog, or adopt you can visit the Fox Valley Humane Association website here.

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