Letter details Zima's alleged conduct with city staff

Alderman Guy Zima listens to a speaker at the Protection and Welfare meeting on September 12, 2016. (Photo Credit: WLUK/Andy Harbath)

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- A letter details Green Bay alderman Guy Zima's alleged conduct with city staff.

FOX 11 received the letter through an open records request Wednesday night.

City attorney Vanessa Chavez sent Zima the letter Oct. 9.

Chavez lays out 12 complaints against Zima from city staff.

Those complaints range from yelling and shaking a finger at people, to using disparaging language.

The city is now requiring Zima to follow a set of rules if he wants to meet with city staff. Those rules include meeting in an office with at least two city employees present.

Zima responded to the allegations Wednesday.

He objected to the release of the letter.

The alderman wrote that he "never intended to be disrespectful to any city employee."

Zima also said it is his understanding that council members are elected officials, not city employees and that elected officials do not fall into a traditional employment law analysis.

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