Natural Resources Board passes emergency CWD rule

Deer in Iowa County infected with chronic wasting disease, 2016. (Photo courtesy Wisconsin DNR)

(WLUK) -- New emergency rules on chronic wasting disease have been passed by the state Natural Resources Board.

It's the rule's attempt to keep CWD where it is found.

In general it says, if a hunter bags a deer in a county where the disease has been found, the deer cannot be taken out of the county.

If it's removed, certain guidelines have to be followed.

"Exemptions to this you can first debone a deer before it leaves the county of harvest, you can quarter it before you take it out of the county of harvest, you can take it to a licensed meat processor or taxidermist within 72 hours of it leaving the county of harvest"

The rule will be in effect once Gov. Scott Walker signs it.

It will expire in nine months, unless the DNR makes a permanent rule.

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