Despite recent job cuts, workforce development board says it's a job seekers market

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FOX CROSSING (WLUK) -- On Wednesday, two companies announced job cuts.

Kimberly-Clark said about 600 workers would be out of a job. Bon-Ton, which owns Younkers, said four of its Northeast Wisconsin stores will close leaving approximately 200 people out of work.

Chat with Anthony Snyder and he'll tell you, if you're about to lose your job, don't panic.

"Take the time they need to grieve if you will, to think about friends that are soon to be lost but know that an organization like ours is here to help them figure out their next step," said Anthony Snyder, chief executive officer of the Fox Valley Workforce Development Board.

The Fox Valley Workforce Development Board talks to workers about their marketable skills and helps them find a new job.

"I would just encourage these individuals to look at this as day one of their new life," Snyder said.

Another thing to consider, the most recent figures from the state's Department of Workforce Development show the unemployment rate in December at 3 percent -- that's a record for December and matches the lowest rate on record.

When it comes to manufacturing jobs, Snyder says there are open positions in Northeast Wisconsin.

"In the area, from Green Bay down to Fond du Lac, is the single largest manufacturing base in the country. Not just in Wisconsin, but within the whole country, there's more manufacturing up and down I-41 within anywhere."

As for retail workers Snyder's outlook remains positive.

"The skills they do have should translate over to other retail jobs pretty easily but my hope is for these individuals, they take this time to come and get training for something more," Snyder said.

Even with the recent job cuts, if you need a job, Snyder says you're in luck, "It's a job seekers market out there. Whether it's a skilled role, something in retail, other roles that are out there, there are jobs available for everyone who wants to work."

Possible employment opportunities for all those workers could be at one of 13 companies in the area that are planning to expand.

Those businesses anticipate creating nearly 1,500 new jobs.

U.S. Venture in Appleton plans to hire more than 200 people.

Nestle Dreyer's Ice Cream Company, also in Appleton, expects to hire 100 and, 75 positions are expected to open at at Amerequip in Kiel.

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