Cyber security company highlights skill set of those with disabilities

'Make I.T. Soar' employs individuals with high functioning Autism, for careers in cyber security, March 3, 2018. (WLUK)

APPLETON, Wis. (WLUK) -- Kaitlyn Zierk of Appleton, who has autism, says she is often misunderstood.

"Discrimination is something I really hate. I have faced a lot out of discrimination in school and work," she said.

But 'Make I.T. Soar', a cyber security company, has provided Zierk a workplace that accepts her differences.

Dan Brosman is the director of the program.

"We employ individuals with high-functioning autism, also known as Asperger's syndrome, to work in our office providing I.T. needs for companies in the area," he said.

He says the company is a part of Soar Fox Cities, a non-profit which provides programming for people with disabilities.

"We can show the community this stigma doesn't have to exist. We can do the same work that other I.T. companies are doing," further explained Brosman.

He says the characteristics associated with autism, are skill sets needed in I.T. careers.

“Individuals with autism tend to have hyper-focused capabilities; they can pay attention to detail and are very meticulous," he said.

Building on those skill sets, he says, affords each employee an even brighter future.

"They can put this on a resume," he said. "We'll take it as a win-win if they go out and get another career with a tech company."

It's something Zierk says she enjoys.

"Certain websites stuff or if they need me to fill a chart," she said. "It really varies, not a set thing. Which is actually really cool."

All while she says giving her an identity beyond her disability.

"I feel great and confident."

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